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“Definitely one to watch” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cecilia’s Mum


I’m a proud Italian and a devoted supporter of AC Milan who also performs and writes for stage, screen and audio. In between hundreds of pizzas and kilos of pasta, I’ve studied theatre and music, spent a year at the Parisian Sorbonne and got a degree in Modern Literature. 

I moved to the UK in 2008 to complete my studies at Drama Centre – Central Saint Martins and never left. I now work in English and Italian in both countries and internationally as a writer, performer and script reader.

My first book Inseguendo un Sogno was recently published in Italy by Sperling & Kupfer and adapted as an audiobook by Storytel. I’m a Torino Film Lab alumni currently developing an international TV Series, I work regularly with podcast production company StorieLibere and have lent my voice to several brands.

My work has been described as “a very natural kind of funny” and “genuinely hilarious”, “a brilliant and personable performer”. It has been featured on platforms like REPUBBLICA, BBC WORLD SERVICE and LONDON LIVE. 

Comedy, transnational stories, audience participation and autobiographical inspiration are key elements of my work.


In ELEONORA DUSE: THE FIRST GREAT ACTRESS, a BBC World Service programme about the pioneering Italian actress, I read her letters. 


INSEGUENDO UN SOGNO is my first book, co-written with Paul Davidson and published by SPERLING & KUPFER. It tells the story of football pioneer Herbert Kilpin.


LONDON EXPAT is the podcast adaptation of the theatre show DIARY OF AN EXPAT produced by STORIE LIBERE.


EXPAT UNDERGROUND vince il premio del pubblico e una menzione speciale della giuria al festival Inventaria 2019.

EXPAT UNDERGROUND fa ora parte del circuito TEATRO X CASA, in catalogo da poter ospitare nelle vostre case in tutta Italia.

L'Odissea di Kubrick

“L’Odissea di Kubrick”, prodotto da Imarts, con Federico Buffa, regia di Cecilia Gragnani é in tournée in Italia.


Sister – South of the River Commendation List

Criterion New Writing Group

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5’4” (1.63cm)

Build: Slim (ish)

Country of Origin: Italy

Voice Quality: Clear, warm, funny. Experience in character voices.

Surname Pronunciation: Gra – gnu (GN is a sound that doesn’t exist in the English language unfortunately) – ne

Favourite food: Pasta al Pesto

Acting CV:


Member of: Equity, WFTV, Patamu & Artisti 7607

Her own performance is most definitely the stand out though, she has perfect comedy timing.” – John Fish – Number9 Reviews

Genuinely hilarious.” – Cindy Marcolina – Broadway World

A very natural kind of funny.” – Greg Stewart – Theatre Weekly

Cecilia is a brilliant and personable performer.” – Nathan Rogers – Artistic Director of The Electric Theatre, Guildford

“…Gragnani’s charismatic personality, expert management, and openness as a performer…” – Richard Pettifer – Theaterstuck 

” …with the voice of the talented Cecilia Gragnani who interprets with elegance and charm the repertoire of those times.” – Maurizio Carra – Teatri Online

“… Cecilia appears in red and immediately sings like Marlene.” –  Alberto Fortunati – La Gazzetta di Mantova

“L’attrice Cecilia Gragnani ha dato voce in maniera magnifica alla sceneggiatura di Francesca Camozzi, in un lavoro accurato e pieno di emozioni.” – Caterina Soffici

“…Assieme alla giovane e talentuosa cantante Cecilia Gragnani che, con la sua splendida voce, rievoca con grande versatilità, le canzoni che hanno segnato un’epoca.” – Alessandra Rinaldi – Dazeba News